Bible Game: Zacchaeus, What Do You See?

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Use this fun Bible Game: Zacchaeus, What Do You See? to help preschool children learn about Zacchaeus.

Supplies: artificial tree (or a photo of a tree), small step stool

Have children sit facing an artificial tree. Place a step stool behind the tree but right next to it. Have children take turns being Zacchaeus looking for Jesus, pretending to climb the tree by standing on the stool and looking through the tree.

Have the child on the stool find an object in the room the others have to guess. Have him or her say, “I see something [the color of the object].” If someone guesses correctly, have that child take Zacchaeus’ place in the tree. If no one guesses correctly after three tries, have Zacchaeus tell the group what he or she saw. Then choose a new person to be Zacchaeus. Continue the game until everyone has had a turn in the tree.

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When the game is over, discuss the following questions:


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