You’re the Gold!


We had 40-plus of some of the most amazing children's ministers here for our first-ever reGroup! We explored all kinds of topics that I'm sure will eventually get revealed in this blog.

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The thing that struck me today about reGroup is how every single person had so much to offer one another. I kept telling them "You're the gold!" And I mean it…their life experiences, their walks with God, their woundedness and their healed woundedness, their personalities, their perspectives, their passion!

The cool thing about reGroup is that every session's content is built by the participants. So all that great stuff I mentioned just oozes out in brainstorming and sharing and discovery.

I learned SO much from these folks. And I could tell by the way they were bonding, that they were connecting and learning from one another too.

It's the beauty of REAL learning…instead of lecture-based settings. And I love it!

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This is an invitation-only event…but if you get an invitation to the one we'll do in Nov., don't miss it! (Oh, and if you want an invitation, email me at

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