Worship Stations


The next time your preteens meet for worship, have kids visit a
variety of worship stations that tap into their multisensory
learning styles. Depending on the number of preteens, you may
rotate groups through each station. Allow 10 minutes at each

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Worship Window — Kids write their praises on
colored Post-It notes, which are then stuck to a large window. As
the sun shines through the colorful pieces of praise notes to
create a “stained glass window,” preteens can reflect on the beauty
of the window and the beauty of God’s gifts.

Building One Another Up in Love — Have a pile
of Duplo construction toys and permanent markers on the floor. Kids
write an encouraging word or a compliment to someone on one side of
the brick. As they hold their bricks, they pray for the person
listed. Then have kids stack the bricks to create a wall of

Salt of the World — Spread a map of the world
on a table. Pour salt in a glass bowl near the map. Open a Bible to
Matthew 5:13 for each preteen to read. Have
kids reflect on questions on handouts next to the bowl of salt,
“What does salt do? What matters most about salt according to this
verse? Dip your fingers into the salt bowl and think about what it
feels like. Taste the salt. How are you like salt? What does it
mean to be salt in this world? Pray that God will show you what it
means to be the salt of the world.”

Eye See Now — You’ll need several pairs of
prescription glasses (the stronger the better) and two Bibles.
Preteens put on the glasses and look around. Have kids think about
how the glasses affect what they see.

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Have kids read from the Bible while wearing the glasses, and
then have them take off the glasses and read the same verses. Have
kids pray that everyone will be able to clearly see God’s
instructions for their lives and not be distracted by the things of
this world.

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