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Worship Is

Worship is the unashamed proclamation of God's worth by our actions, attitudes, and words. Worship is pure in the mouth and life of a child who realizes the bounty of God's never-ceasing grace.

We create an attitude of worship in our children's church when the children enter the room. Soft, soothing worship music sets a mood that says, "This is a place to meet with and adore our Maker."

Between our worship songs, we practice the "praise break." Taking just 15 seconds, I encourage the children to become doers of God's Word, not hearers only. I choose one form of worship from the book of Psalms such as shouting, singing, clapping, or silence. I explain the form of praise to the children, and then I start the clock. We all participate.

Dick Gruber

Worship is listening for God. We need to listen for what God wants us to say or do. Children may have difficulty with the idea of listening for God. Energetic bodies and active minds don't like being still.

Give each child a blank sheet of paper and a pen. Lead children in this listening exercise, allowing adequate time between each direction.

1. Psalm 46:10 says, "Be still and know that I am God." Think about what this verse means.
2. Close your eyes and listen for sounds around you.
3. Listen for God's voice.
4. Write or draw what you feel and hear.

Bring children together and discuss their experiences.

Heather Olson Bunnell

Worship is our response to God because of who he is and what he's done. This worship exercise helps kids respond in kind to who God is. The leaders can explain each center by saying something such as, "Because God is creative, we'll be creative."

Center 1: God Loves Me
•Kids' response: I love God.
•Tell kids to: Sing songs telling of God's love for us and your love for God. Suggested songs: "Jesus Loves Me," "O How I Love Jesus," or "I Love You, Lord." Kids can even write love songs to God.

Center 2: God Created the World
•Kids' response: I can create something.
•Tell kids to: Create something out of craft supplies.

Center 3: God Cares for Everyone
•Kids' response: I can care for others.
•Tell kids to: Brainstorm ways you can care for others. Create a drama showing how you can care for others. Carry out your caring act this week.

Paul Lessard

Through worship the church praises God and acknowledges its total dependence on God. In worship faith is renewed. If we can show the child how worship relates to everyday experience, we can start the child on the path of being an informed, active worship participant.

Make a worship book with children to show them that the parts of the worship service are like parts of daily life. Use an inexpensive photo album with magnetic pages. Label each page of the album in the order of the parts of your worship service. Include snapshots of children participating in each part.

Next, use family photos or magazine pictures that illustrate how each part of worship is like things that happen in the child's family or community; for example, friends shaking hands (welcome), a family reading the Bible (Bible reading), sharing food (offering), and a celebration dinner (communion). Place these family/community life pictures next to the worship pictures.

Wave Dreher

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