World Malaria Day


World Malaria Day is commemorated every year on 25 April and
recognizes global efforts to control malaria. Here’s a note from
Tim Gilmour on why he supports Squash Malaria. 


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Tim -gilmourSix years ago my daughter, Faith, turned 25 years
old. Instead of celebrating her birthday, she and my wife sat
beside my hospital bed, signing organ donation paperwork and
waiting for doctors to share the results of an EEG to determine if
I had any brain activity left. The culprit at the center of this
drama? A bite from a mosquito with West Nile virus, which escalated
into West Nile meningoencephalitis and left me in a coma.

Up until my illness in 2006, I considered mosquitoes as nothing
more than a pesky nuisance. But that’s not the case. Across the
globe a child dies every 30 seconds from malaria caused by mosquito
bites. The good news? Malaria is 100% preventable, and with your
help we can change these statistics!

We’re excited to support Squash Malaria, a campaign to help
eradicate malaria by providing specially treated mosquito nets to
children in developing countries. (Just one $6 net can protect two
or more children for up to four years!)With help from our partners
at World Vision, Group Cares launched the Squash Malaria
effort through the Operation Kid-to-Kid Program with Group’s VBS.
Through that effort, Squash Malaria has raised nearly $2.5 million.
Our ultimate goal is to raise $6 million-enough to save the lives
of 1 million children.
You can still help Squash Malaria and save the lives of
children! Get your free starter kit to get started. Although I
didn’t have malaria in 2006, my mosquito-borne disease was a nearly
fatal experience that even our own doctors couldn’t do much to
treat. Thanks to hundreds of people who prayed for me, I
experienced God’s miraculous healing. I awoke from a four-day coma
and have been healthy with few side effects. The power of
prayer-and caring Christians like you and the kids in your
ministry-can have that kind of impact on 1 million children.

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And by the way, 18 months ago Faith gave birth to my first
grandchild, Cannon. I’m so thankful I’m alive tosee Faith be a mom,
to see Cannon grow up, and that we live in a country where I don’t
have to worry about a disease like malaria claiming the lives of my
children and grandchildren. Please join us in our efforts to teach
the children in this country to think and pray about a child in
another country, and to understand that $6 can save a life!

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