10 Powerful Ways to Share the Wordless Gospel

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10 powerful ways to share the wordless Gospel and deepen kids’ understanding of the gospel message this Easter!

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Wordless Book, a five-color booklet kids can use that helps them remember different aspects of the gospel message. This year, you can use that concept to go in depth with kids about what Easter is all about. Choose one experience from each color on the following pages, and then lead kids through your five selections to experience what Easter is genuinely about—the good news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.



OPTION 1: Can’t Erase It

You’ll Need large white sheet of paper, brown crayon, pencil eraser Have kids sit in a circle around the paper and crayon. Ask them to tell about a time they did something wrong, and be ready with your own age-appropriate example. Each time a child tells a story, he or she will scribble on the paper with brown crayon. Then have kids take turns trying to erase the crayon scribbles with the pencil eraser.

Say: We can’t take away sin from our lives through our own power.

Ask: Tell about a time you wished you could erase something you did wrong. Talk about what you feel like after you choose to do something you know is wrong. Read aloud Romans 3:23.


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OPTION 2: Sin Stains

You’ll Need white cloth, plate, small scoop or spoon, trash can, used coffee grounds (still wet)

Place the white cloth on top of the plate and gather kids around it. Tell children that sin is doing wrong things. Ask kids to take turns giving an example of sin, such as disobeying or hitting. As each child gives an example of a sin, he or she will scoop coffee grounds onto the cloth.

When everyone has had a turn, say: Sometimes we realize what we’ve done is wrong, and we stop doing these wrong things. Dump the coffee grounds into the trash can, leaving the white cloth on the plate. Show kids the stain, telling them that even when we stop doing things we know are wrong, the sins leave a stain on our heart.


  • Tell about a punishment or consequence you’ve had when you did something wrong.
  • Describe what you feel like when you do something you know is wrong. Read aloud Romans 3:23.
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