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Woman at the Well: Pre-K

Woman at the Well
John 4:7-30

Bible Activity: Living Water-Have children place their hands under running water in a sink and then drink a cup of water. Afterward, hold up a glass of water and a picture of Jesus.

Ask: What good things does water do for you? What good things does Jesus do for you? Which of these is living water?

Say: Let's learn what Jesus said about living water.

Paraphrase the story from John 4:7-15.

Say: We can't live very long without water to drink. And we can't live forever without Jesus. We can't drink Jesus, but Jesus is saying he wants us to follow him to live forever. Jesus can help us live forever.

Craft: Big Dipper-Give each child yarn and a plastic container such as the lower half of a bleach bottle or a milk carton. Have children each punch a hole on each side of their container. Then have them thread the yarn through the holes and tie a knot to form a handle on the container. Tell children to take the "water vessel" home and use it in the bathtub with them. They can lower the container into the tub water just as the Samaritan woman lowered her jug into the well, fill it with water, and then pour the water all over their bodies.

Snack: You'll need: A packet of Jell-O, water, a way to heat the water, enough prepared Jell-O for your class, plates, forks, and napkins.

Directions: Help children make Jell-O. Talk about how the water is important to give life to the powdered Jell-O. Afterward, serve Jell-O and talk about how Jesus gives us life.

Contributors: Kathy Brooks, Susan Lennartson, and Amy Nappa

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