Woman at the Well: Grades 4 to 6



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Bible Activity: Loving Acts-Provide cups and a
pitcher of cold water. Have each student pour a cup of water and
give it to another student while completing the sentence, “One
thing I like about you is…”

*Ask: How did you feel getting a compliment? How did you
feel giving a compliment?

*Say: It’s nice to know others care about us. Let’s read
about a woman Jesus cared about.

Read aloud John 4:5-14. *Ask: What’s “living
water”? How can we get living water? What are the results of having
this water? Why do some people not want living water?

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*Say: Jesus showed love to a woman others didn’t like by
telling her how to have eternal life. Let’s show love for others by
telling them, too.

Craft: Well Done-Give kids each an empty soup can,
wooden craft sticks, construction paper, and tape. Have kids each
make a “well” by taping two craft sticks to the outside of their
can and making a roof out of construction paper (see illustration).
Then have kids each cover the outside of the can with paper,
decorate it, and write their name on it. Have kids each display
their well. Then have kids fill each other’s well with slips of
paper on which they’ve written encouraging notes or favorite Bible

Snack: You’ll need: A packet of Jell-O, water, a
way to heat the water, enough prepared Jell-O for your class,
plates, forks, and napkins.

Directions: Help children make Jell-O. Talk about how the
water is important to give life to the powdered Jell-O. Afterward,
serve Jell-O and talk about how Jesus gives us life.


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