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“Wow, that is so old school. Sweet!” my son said, noting a
retro-styled guy on a late-model skateboard. What a
I thought. My generation is so out of style, we’re
back in again.

“Old school” might be oddly intriguing to our kids today — to a
point. In small doses it apparently has its charm. But notice how
excited they become when we’re equally as interested in what
defines their generation: technology.

By finding the right balance of old school and new for your
ministry, you can show children that God’s Word isn’t only timeless
— it’s everywhere they look. Plus — a little technology infusion
just might amp up your coolness factor and reach some young hearts
that might otherwise be too cool for Sunday school.

We did some snooping to find out what super-cool tech gadgets
children’s ministers love, use, and rave about. Read on to learn
about the tools that’ll help you make a connection, wow kids, and
manage your ministry.

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Dance Praise

Kids and adults have fun (and burn calories!) with this Christian
version of the popular dance-pad game.

Field Notes: Ministries are loving this more
family-friendly version of wildly popular secular dance and
guitar-playing video games, which often feature songs with
inappropriate lyrics. Dance Praise features music by contemporary
Christian artists such as Matt Redman, Audio Adrenaline, Newsboys,
GRITS, Relient K, and Jeremy Camp.

Preteens know how the game works: Random, computer-generated steps
appear on the screen and participants try to keep up with the
moves. Dance pads are connectable for group fun. Other features
include ShadowDance Mode, which allows one person to choreograph
the dance while others follow, and Exercise Mode, which keeps track
of calories burned for individuals.

Price Tag: From $50 for one dance pad and
software to $2,500 for an integrated, 10-player version

Learn More: digitalpraise.com

Wright’s Direction

The sitcom-style video series enhances lessons in today’s

Field Notes: “Wright’s Direction” is a series of
15-minute DVD episodes complete with teachers guides and
interactive devotions. The creative team at Prestonwood Baptist
Church in Plano, Texas, created the series as part of a new
curriculum called GPS: God’s Plan for Salvation.

The show is based on the Wright Family (Stan, Kitty, Jake, and
Addy); their cousin, Schmitty; a foster kid named Jess; a latch-key
techie kid named Nano; and a spoiled rich girl and her dad, Alexis
and Mr. Vanderhoof.

“Each week we see these characters deal with a real-life
application that comes from the keyword and Bible verse from that
week’s lesson. Sometimes they respond admirably and sometimes not
so much,” explains Diana Pendley, minister of children at

“It shows kids how to practically act out a Bible truth through
application,” says Pendley. “When the character is mean to his
sister, they see themselves in him and the consequences of that
action. After the example, they go into small groups where they see
the same truth and concepts in the pages of their Bible. We’ve made
every episode available online, so kids can watch the show if they
miss [a class].”

Price Tag: Nominal fee, based on church size;
contact Brandon Carmichael at 972-820-4464 for information.

Learn More: View episodes at prestonwood.org/biblefellowship/children


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