Why Christian Parents–and You–Are Spiritual Heroes


In the latest issue of Children’s Ministry Magazine, executive editor Christine Yount Jones shares why Christian parents–and you–are spiritual heroes!

My Marine son, Grant, regales us with thrilling stories of discipline, endurance, camaraderie, and grit from his Crucible experience—a 45-mile, 54-hour test every recruit must go through to become a Marine. After hours of food and sleep deprivation, 500 troops trudge up a mud-soaked mountain called The Reaper with heavy loads on their backs.

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I imagine this was the hardest day of Grant’s life.

Until October 28, 2016. He and his wife, Bri, brought home their firstborn son from the hospital (my first grandchild!). The next morning, Grant texted me that it had been “the roughest night of my life”!

Now sleep deprived and so in love with Thomas Gunnar Yount, they’ve stepped into the thrilling journey of endurance and grit that’s called parenting! Parenting is no picnic—especially in those first weeks. Okay, months. (Okay, years.)

Recently I had the opportunity to share with a group of folks in ministry that I believe parents are heroic when they show up with little ones at church. In our Colorado culture, parents are swimming against the current of other families who’d rather be hiking the Rocky Mountains, going out for breakfast, or doing anything but going to church.

Not only are these parents superheroes who get their kids to church, but somehow they summon their super powers to find all the kids’ shoes and run a comb through their kids’ hair (maybe). With seemingly X-ray vision, some of these parents see into the future and remember to pack security blankies and a diaper or two for changes.

I herald their arrival even if they’re 15 minutes late. You made it! You’re amazing! Way to go!

And perhaps this may surprise you, but parents think you’re a superhero, too! They watch as you love their kids, remember their names, greet them with excitement, and share your love for God week in and week out. They’re amazed at the lessons you teach, the crafts you come up with, and the extra energy you seem to have for creating unique environments and programs for their kids.

In parents’ eyes, you’re Superman or Superwoman! Don’t believe me? Check out what Janna Firestone, a mother of two, has to say to you in “In All Honesty.”

Thanks for being there for Christian parents who arrive with tousled hair and disheveled clothes. Thanks for being there for the next generation!

This editor letter was published in the January/February 2017 issue of Children’s Ministry Magazine.

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Why Christian Parents–and You–Are Spiritual Heroes
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