Why I Weep on Weekends


Tim Miller wrote this…it's amazing!

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Why I Weep on Weekends
Because I did not have to stay around longer on Saturday evening to do a last-minute walkthrough.
Because I did not have to arrive an hour early to pray with my loving team of ministry partners.
Because I did not leave it all on the floor in the morning, I did not need a nap in the afternoon.
Because I did not have to stay after the last service to talk to parents about the decision their child made this weekend.
Because I did not have to take time between services with my worship team to go over the new song one more time.
Because I did not have to take money out of my own pocket to buy coffee for my tech team.
Because I did not have to prepare for a training meeting.
Because I didn’t miss lunch with my wife so I could meet with staff.
Because I wasn’t asked at the last minute if I could find a sub for a 4th-grade small-group leader.
Because no one threw up in the middle of the main entrance.
I weep on weekends because I am not currently ministering to children.
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