Why the KidMin Environment Matters


Sometimes when I look at marketing brochures for children’s ministry conferences, I can’t help but feel that there are herds (or is that hoards?) of people being shuttered down a long corridor (or is that a chute?). It reminds me of cattle or sheep. They sit in a giant bowl with rows and rows of chairs. And then they move to crowded classrooms and sit shoulder to shoulder.

Is that what a conference is about? Being one of many, lost in a herd? At KidMin, we want you to be heard–not herded! We want to know your name! We want to have authentic conversations with you and for you to have those with others.

How do we do it? This may sound crazy, but in some ways it’s all about the furniture.


1. We use Xorbee chairs. It’s impossible to not connect with people when you flop on one of these irresistible Xorbee chairs. Laughter ensues when you try to get out of one. And connections form as you relax here between sessions.


2. We use round tables. In training sessions, you don’t sit in rigid rows and face “the expert” at the front of the room. We embrace that every person who comes has expertise, knowledge, and a story that needs to be shared. We work closely with our training presenters to ensure that no one lectures incessantly. Instead, these creative whizzes pull you into the conversation and you all make discoveries together.



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3. We use movable chairs. Even in our general sessions, we facilitate relationship, connection, and conversation. We want you to turn to a partner or get in a small group to talk or pray because we know you’ll get more out of the session in the context of relationship.

Jesus said, “For where two or three have gathered in my name, I am there in their midst.”

It’s true: God never designed you to do ministry–or life–alone. It’s in the space between people that God shows up. We need each other. We need to be real. We need to be known.

At KidMin, we welcome you into a setting that won’t overwhelm you with herds of people. Instead, we see you–one person on a mission. One person who has needs and desires and dreams.

Everything about KidMin is engineered to create meaningful conversations. You’ll make new friends–real friends. God will give you connectionst that’ll change your life!

Come and join us! Sign up today because space fills up fast.


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Christine Yount Jones

Christine has more than 28 years of children’s ministry experience. She is the Executive Editor of Children’s Ministry Magazine, has authored many books and articles on children’s ministry, and serves as co-director of the KidMin Conference. She’s led teams in the development of leading innovative resources, including Buzz Instant Sunday School curriculum, Grapple Preteen Curriculum, and the new Dig-In Sunday School curriculum. Follow Christine on Twitter @ChristineYJones

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