Who Is God?



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The questions kids ask about God–and how to respond.

“God can change himself into a baby,” 4-year-old Nicholas mused. To many children, God is a magical being that may even come close to being as strong as Superman. Kids’ views of God range from the super being to the old man with a long white beard.

So when adults talk to a child about God, the child may have a very different “God” in mind than the adult does. Many ideas about God are influenced and even distorted by the child’s developmental level. Kids’ questions at each age level give us insight into who they perceive God to be. Use this chart to help you respond to kids’ questions about God on their level.

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  2. I have a 4 yrs old step who I’m tryin to teach about GOD. He asked me who is GOD and I didn’t know how to answer that question. I’m so eagerly to teach because it keeps me on my p’s @ q’s with stayin in touch with the lord. I need a lil help ,please help me. Thanks so much!!!!!

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