When Your Sunday School Lesson Is Broken…


When your Sunday school lesson is broken, it might be one of these top-6 ways a lesson can be broken. Discover how to fix a broken lesson.

Here’s a simple question: Looking back at your last lesson, what did your kids learn? Don’t answer that too quickly. It can be easy to respond by simply reciting the Bible point or explaining the topic. Perhaps your children memorized a wonderful Bible passage or created a beautiful craft. Your class could’ve seemed to follow the lesson plan pretty well, even answering questions the right way. But what did they really learn? How do you know? Not that simple of a question, is it?

Just as kids have different personalities, physical features, and personal backgrounds, they also learn differently. And the way each child learns is often different from the way we like to teach. But making our lessons learner-based is more than just getting kids out of their seats and moving around. It’s about reaching every child every time. In the next few pages, we’re going to give you secrets to making a lesson learner-based-by maximizing each child’s potential.

We recently took our cameras into the children’s ministries of local churches to see how churches were effectively helping children grow spiritually. What we captured on camera was compelling. While churches varied in their programming and structure, they all had one thing in common: a need for real learning. This is what we saw.

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