When You Feel Overwhelmed


I recently asked this question on our Children's Ministry Magazine facebook page and loved the answers I got. So I'm sharing here.

Q: Ever feel like the job might be a little too much for you? What do you do when you feel that way?


Cynthia Marley Parkes pray, asking for wisdom, power, and discernment, and remind myself of the obvious God-arranged journey that brought me to this point.

Valerie Dull-Norton Panic….haha. No- I pray! And study to know how to do the job well!

Ally Thomason Freeman Pray & prioritize!! Evaluate if the main thing is still the main thing and delegate even if it means letting go of doing some of the fun things myself. 😉

Annie Willems That feeling is a sign for me that God and I need some alone time together.

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Melia Warren I love that Annie! I love all of these! such wonderful reminders!

Christi Goodkey Whitford I remind myself that God does not call the equipped he equips the called and He will give me everything I need.

Angie Buchanan just keep swimming! just keep swimming! just keep swimming, swimming, swimming! or if you want a movie quote (haha), "Keep moving forward!" (thank you, Meet the Robinsons.) i think we would be wrong if we didnt feel humbled at such an amazing calling! but taking it one day at a time, continuing to press on despite fears or frustrations, and regular evaluations of what things are working & what things could work better are what have helped us keep moving forward.

Kate Radford First I cry. Then I pray. I have to keep reminding myself that I didn't ask for this, I was truly called into it by God. That is humbling yet so comforting.

Russell Howe I think of all the blessing that God has given in the last month and year and then after that, I try to be a blessing to the workers by giving them some encouraging letter or bookmark! Nothing cheers the soul like being a blessing to someone else 🙂

Great answers! So how would you answer the question?


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