When Will School End!?


Is anyone else weary from all the end-of-school projects, tests, papers, presentations? My son Reed had a HUGE project that was interdisciplinary (which is cool) so it had math, English, and history all rolled up into one presentation on Afghanistan. And, of course, I got to help. Today, he's serving Challow (rice) and wearing a makeshift Afghan costume (I made the Karzai hat from black fuzzy cloth and glue–and it worked!). I'll have to post photos later.

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Anyway, as a mom, worker-bee-person, and volunteer in children's ministry…I'm tired. Maybe your volunteers are tired, too. We're all hanging on until the end of May when we get a break. Might be a good time to let your volunteers know you know they're weary. For great ideas, go to the "leadership" tab at childrensministry.com to look for quick affirmation ideas!


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