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60 Minutes

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Let ‘Em Act Up

This idea might come in handy if you find yourself with a lot of
time on your hands. Pick a familiar Bible story and read it or
retell it. Form groups (maybe even according to interests). Have
groups each take part of the story, work together on this section,
and then come back together to act it out. Some kids might depict a
scene of the story with puppets. Others could act with
thrown-together costumes. Some could build a set with items in the
room. Another might draw or create art based on the story. Others
might work on a song or rap to tell the story. Then let them
present and perform for each other in the order of the story. If
you have a video camera, record this impromptu stage event so
everyone can watch it together. Values:
creativity, Bible learning, multiple intelligences

Todd Hair has been in youth ministry for 13 years and is Dad
to seven kids under age 11. Debra Vos is a teaching coordinator for
kindergarten through fifth grade, Mom to four kids, and has served
in children’s ministry for 15 years. Both are on staff at
Crossroads Church in Schererville, Indiana.

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Jabber Mat!

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Overtime Tote

Whoever coined the phrase “Expect the unexpected” may not have
been referring to children’s ministry, but it certainly applies. So
why not be prepared for unexpected moments by preparing a great
resource for yourself or your leaders with a tote full of “overtime
ideas”? An overtime idea tote includes items such as the

• A Parachute-(A bedsheet works, too.) Add
instructions for favorite parachute games. (playparachutes.com)

• Talk Starters-Throw in some Sticky
or Would You Rather talk-starter books,
which are great to get kids laughing and talking. (amazon.com)

• JC Qs™ One Hundred Fifty Jesus-Centered
These surprising questions about Jesus will
spark great discussions with preteens. (group.com)

• Childhood Photo-Include a photo of yourself for
a great story starter. What was it like for you at their age?

And of course, tuck this article into your tote too, so you can
pull out fresh ideas whenever you need them.
Values: fun, Bible skills, relationships




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