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Noah’s Noisy Animal Ark

Place a sticker on each child’s back so they can’t see what’s on
their own sticker. (Each sticker needs an animal name or picture of
an animal.) Challenge kids to mix and mingle, with the ultimate
goal of discovering which animals they are by going around the
group and asking only yes-or-no questions. To keep things moving
and kids talking, allow kids to ask only one question at a time of
each person. For example, two children may pair up and one may ask,
“Do I have four legs?” The child who’s asked will look at the first
child’s sticker and answer the question with a truthful yes or no.
Each child gets to ask one question of the other, and then they
switch roles. As soon as children learn which animals they are,
they run to Noah (you) and say, “I’m a (name the animal)!
May I board the Ark?” For an added twist, create two of every kind
of animal, and then make the goal for pairs to find each other.
Values: fun, relationship builder.

My New BFF

Give kids 30 seconds to meet and interview someone they don’t know
very well in the group. Then each pair has to introduce their
partner in this way: “This is my new best friend, (name),
and here are three things about (name) that make him or
her special. Everyone, please welcome my new best friend,
(name).” Value: relationships

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Shared Skittles

You’ll need a bag of Skittles candies on hand and a premade
Skittle Share Card. The card is a decoder, with colors representing
something kids have to share with the group. For instance, red
means kids tell their favorite food; yellow means kids share one
thing they learned from the Bible today; orange means kids share
how they can apply what they learned today at home.

Form a circle, and pass around a bowl of Skittles candies. Let
each child pick one candy in his or her favorite color but not eat
it. Now show your group the Skittle Share Card. Go around the group
letting kids each share according to the color of Skittle they
chose. After kids share, they get to eat their Skittles. Once
everyone has shared, let kids eat the rest of the Skittles.
Value: relationships, Bible application

Colors of My Week

A box of crayons is all you need for this great sharing activity.
Form a circle, and open a box of crayons. Pass around the box. Have
every child take one or two colors that represent something that
happened or a way the child felt during the week. Red might remind
a child of a grade on a paper. Blue might describe something
they’re sad about. Yellow might make them think of something happy
they’d like to share. Once everyone has a color, take turns sharing
why they chose that color before putting it back in the box.
Values: relationship building, community

Room Scavenger Hunt

Form teams of three. Create an off-the-cuff list of items to hunt
for on a sheet of paper or whiteboard. On “Go!” let teams try to be
the first to find and collect all the items on the list and bring
them to you. Your list might include some of the following items: a
Bible open to John 3:16 (or the Bible verse for the day), a
red crayon, masking tape, paper clip, image of Jesus, and so on.
Value: fun


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