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What Would You Give?

Theme: Memorial Day
Text: Romans 5:6-8 in the Living Bible
Preparation: Fill a cup for each child with a different trail mix ingredient, such as raisins, dried fruit or chocolate chips. You'll also need a large bowl.

The Message: I've brought a special treat today. I'll pass it out, but don't eat yet. (Distribute cups.) What did you get? Those sound yummy. (Bring out bowl.) If we put our snacks into this bowl, we can taste everyone's snack.

Are you willing to give up your treat so others can have a tasty snack? Let's try it. (Have children pour their snacks in the bowl. Then mix.)

Why were you willing to give up your treat? How's it feel to know others will enjoy a yummy snack because of what you gave up? Soon we'll celebrate Memorial Day. That's when we remember all the American men and women who died serving our country. Why do you think they gave their lives?

You gave up your treat so friends could enjoy something special. That's like the men and women who gave their lives so we could enjoy living in America. God gave something special for us, too. (Read the Scripture.) God gave his son Jesus so we could enjoy eternal life in heaven. (Distribute cups of trail mix.) As you eat your special treat, remember that many brave Americans gave their lives for our country. Let's thank God for the wonderful sacrifice he made for us, too. (Close in prayer.)


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