What Lies Beneath


Remind kids that God looks at the heart.

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Bible Connect: 1 Samuel 16:7

Best for: Ages 6 to 12

Stuff Per Child: A large coffee filter, scissors,
a black nonpermanent marker, and water.

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The Experiment: Ask: Can you find a rainbow in a
black marker?
Cut out the center bottom of a coffee filter and color a coin-size
black dot in the center. Have kids hypothesize about what’ll happen
when they add water to the dot. Drop 10 drops of water onto the
black dot and watch as a rainbow of colors spreads.

Scientific Facts: Black marker ink is made of
colored pigments and water. When water’s added, the pigments
dissolve and spread through the filter, revealing the colors that
mix to create black.

Talk About It: Ask: Was your guess correct? What
happened when you added water? Were you surprised by what you saw?
How is this experiment like or unlike you? Read the Scripture. Do
you have qualities others don’t see? Explain. Do you think God sees
those qualities? Explain. How does it feel to know God looks at
your heart rather than outward appearance?

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