What I Like About You


Use this activity for Valentine’s Day
to help kids know they’re special and loved.

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You’ll need pink paper hearts, markers, and a red paper gift bag
for each child.

Give each child a stack of hearts, equal to the number of kids in
your group, and a marker. Call out the name of one child in your
group, and have everyone write his or her name at the top of the

Then have kids write something they like
about that person on the heart.

When they’re finished, have kids fold their
hearts in half and place them in the child’s red bag.

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Continue until everyone has been named and
written about. Before kids go home, give them their red bags filled
with hearts as a reminder of all the things kids at church like
about them.

Here are a few additional Valentine’s Day ideas to
spread love, joy, and the Word of God throughout your



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