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We're 3 Teachers Short, And Classes Begin Next Week. What Do I Do?

Pray. Continue to ask God to supply the volunteers you need. It's God's ministry, and ultimately he does the work.

Spread the word. Talk to your pastor and other church leaders about people who might be interested and able to volunteer in children's ministry. They may know of some likely candidates you are unaware of.

Stopgap measures. You may have to put some short-term measures into effect. For example, you might ask a parent to teach the class for a month. This gives you a little more time to find a permanent teacher. Be sure, though, to live up to your end of the bargain. If you have not found a permanent teacher when the month is up, let the substitute teacher step away from the responsibility unless he or she wants to stay on.

Rethink your plan. If you continue to have trouble finding volunteers for these positions, you may need to rethink the way you group your children's classes. Can some classes be grouped together temporarily? Can you reconfigure the way you group the age levels? Try to look at the problem in different ways. By viewing it only as a volunteer staffing problem, you are only looking for one solution: more volunteers. By looking for creative solutions, you might come up with an idea that could revolutionize your ministry.

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