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Children’s Ministry Magazine Sept/Oct 2010 Issue

From “From the Editor”: Super Children’s Ministry

Download this emblem, print it on an iron-on transfer, and put it
on T-shirts for you and your team. You’re all Super Children’s

From ALI 3 to 5: Thankful Family Feast downloadable

[download here]


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From Reaching Out: Veteran’s Day Celebration
downloadable invitations

[download here]

From Reaching Out: Proper Flag-Folding

Click on this link to find detailed instructions on how to fold
the flag.

From Danger: Family Ministry: An Overview of Training,
Involving, and Equipping

The TIE Test: Training, Evolving, and

Consider how your family ministry events might be more effective
using this TIE Test, which simply asks, “How could this activity
Train, Involve, or Equip parents as primary faith influencers? How
could it Train, Involve, or Equip our church to embrace our role
with spiritual orphans?” Then write down how each activity might
look different after the TIE Test. Read


From Family Ministry: Blessing Boat
Use this folding guide to help families create Blessing
[download here]

From Recruiting That Works: Caregiver
to Children Ratio

The key to having a safe but efficient program is based on a few
guidelines and an adult-to-child ratio.

Birth to 12 months 3:1

 Because one caregiver shouldn’t be
left alone with any number of children, the reality of this ratio
is 6:2 with no more than six children for two

1-year-olds 6:1

2- to 4-year-olds 8:1

5 and up 10:1

• From Recruiting That Works: Ideas for Handling Room

CLOSING a Full Classroom
When teacher/student ratios are exceeded in a classroom, kids
aren’t safe anymore-and volunteers aren’t happy. Let parents know
that for the safety of children and to ensure quality in the
classroom, your numbers have reached capacity and the classroom
needs to be closed.

What to Say
• Be at the door to meet parents in person. Don’t put up a sign
and walk away. Be empathetic.

• Let parents know your team is working on opening more classrooms
as soon as space and volunteers allow for it. Share what you’re
doing to rectify the situation.

• Let the child know that the room is very full and you hope that
you’ll see him or her next week. 

• Give parents an activity bag with coloring sheets, crayons, and
fruit snacks for the child to use in a worship setting or adult

• Provide contact information if the parents want to talk about it

What NOT to Say
• Don’t dump your pent-up frustrations on the parent. Whining
won’t attract volunteers!

• Don’t blame your children’s council, elder board, or anyone else
for developing such a “ridiculous and strict” policy. Uphold and
support why this policy is important for the safety of

• Don’t blame the parents for not volunteering their time if the
room is closed due to volunteer/child ratio. Gently invite them to
be part of the solution so it doesn’t happen again.

From Recruiting That Works: Large Group/Small Group

Go Small, Grow Big
Take a look at a new way of doing children’s ministry that’s
sweeping the nation.
Read more…


From Recruiting That Works: More Tips for Recruiting
in a Pinch

Eye-Opening Recruiting
Finding volunteers in places you may’ve never looked before.
Read more…


From Fabulous Fall: Kids Appreciation

Use these certificates, rolled up with blue ribbon to honor all
your kids.
[download here]


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