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1. Sheep-Sake Frame

-from Breakfast With The Shepherds

2. Coupon Examples
-from Birthday Card Blast

Example 1 – $5 OFF Children’s
Example 2 – Special Gift (Happy Birthday)

Example 3 – Special Gift (Swing)

Information on Learning Styles

-from Birthday Card Blast

4. Samples of Dale’s documents
-from You Are Dismissed

Core Values
Social Media Agreement
Life Group Leader Commitment Statement
Volunteer Covenant
Life Group Role

5. Free Sample
of KidUnique
-from The Four-Window

6. Free Samples of PR Resources
-from Good Public Relations

  • Group’s Church Volunteer Central. CVC is your
    “one-stop” online shop for anything and everything for and about
    church volunteers. An annual membership is $119.99.
    Free samples
  • Simply Strategic Volunteers by Tony Morgan and
    Tim Stevens. Part of the popular Simply Strategic series, this book
    includes 99 bite-sized chapters over virtually every topic about
    church volunteers. $19.99;
    Free sample chapter
  • Children’s Ministry Volunteers That Stick by
    Jim Wideman. An “evergreen” resource in children’s ministry by one
    of the long-time leaders in the field. $17.99;

    Free sample chapter
  • The New Breed: Understanding & Equipping the 21st
    Century Volunteer
    by Jonathan McKee & Thomas W. McKee.
    Well-researched and filled with practical tools for empowering
    today’s volunteer. $16.99;
    Free sample chapter

7. Picture Frame to Bring God Praise
-from The 12 Ideas of Advent

8. “Gifts for Jesus
-from The 12 Ideas of Advent

Weekly Mailing Content

-from The 12 Ideas of Advent

10. “Five Golden
” directions
-from The 12 Ideas of Advent

11. “Nativity Snack
-from The 12 Ideas of Advent

12. Christmas Around the
” handout
-from The 12 Ideas of Advent

13. List of “Census

-from The 12 Ideas of Advent

14. “12 Days of
” handout
-from The 12 Ideas of Advent

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