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Web Exclusives May June 2012


In each issue of Children's Ministry Magazine we offer exclusive extra content, ideas, and downloadables found only at as a benefit to our readers. Use these Web Exclusives to help you as you minister to children and their families.

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Think Again

  1. Print out the card set.
  2. Cut apart the cards and shuffle them together.
  3. Set the pile of cards facedown, and have kids take turns picking a card and reading the question for everyone to discuss.
  4. After kids share their answers, read the Bible passages on the card and ask how those verses confirm or change kids' opinions.
    Bonus! Print out a set of cards for each child to take home for family discussions.

Compliment Cube

  1. On card stock, make copies of the cube design. You'll need one copy per child.
  2. Have kids cut on the solid lines, fold on the dotted lines, and tape the handouts to form cubes.
  3. Have kids roll their cubes. Challenge kids to compliment someone in your group related to the topic they rolled. Practice a few times.
  4. Have kids take their cubes home and roll them each morning. Throughout the day, kids can look for ways to compliment people related to the topic they roll.

Toss & Talk

  1. Print out the "Toss & Talk" page.
  2. Have kids take turns tossing a coin at the page from about 6 feet away.
  3. Lead kids in finishing the sentence the coin lands on or nearest to.
    Bonus! Print a copy of the page for each child, and encourage kids to play it with friends and family during the week.

Wisdom Quest

  1. Print out the "Wisdom Quest" game boards (Part A and Part B) on white 11x17 cardstock.
  2. On Part A, cut along the outside circle, then cut along three edges of each space with a treasure chest on it to form flaps.
  3. On Part B, cut out the circle.
  4. Use a metal fastener to attach Part B under Part A so it can spin.
  5. To play with kids, you'll need a die and playing pieces.
  6. Have kids take turns rolling the die and moving clockwise around the board. Kids should follow the directions on the space they land on.
  7. If kids land on a treasure chest, they can choose whether or not to open the flap. If they open it, they'll read the Proverb underneath. Proverbs about wisdom mean kids can move forward the number of spaces written on the treasure chest. Proverbs about fools send kids back that many spaces. Kids should continue moving and opening flaps based on the spaces they land on in a given turn, until they are no longer instructed to move. If a child chooses not to open a flap, his turn is over.
  8. For each proverb, encourage kids to share about times they've seen people act wisely or foolishly in that way-or even times they've done so themselves.
  9. After someone reaches the Finish space, talk to kids about what they'll do this week to make wise choices.
  10. Any time you want to play again, just rotate Part B so kids won't know what to expect when they lift a flap.

Super Spinner

  1. Print out the "Super Spinner" on white card stock.
  2. Choose a child to spin a pen on the spinner.
  3. Lead everyone in doing the activity that the writing end of the pen points to.
    Bonus! Print a spinner for each child so they can wow their family and friends with these fun devotions.

Draw Me

  1. Print out the "Draw Me" card set.
  2. Cut apart the cards.
  3. Have kids take turns selecting cards from the deck and drawing something about their life that pertains to the topic. No words allowed!
  4. The other kids will try to guess the topic. (Exact words aren't necessary; you can be the judge on how close guessers are to the concept.) After someone guesses correctly, the artist will talk about his or her drawing.
  5. When you've exhausted all the topics, play again, but read the topic aloud before the person drawing begins. This time have kids guess what the drawing is, rather than guessing the topic.


From the article Operation Kid-to-Kid

You can find out more information on the organizations below:

Group's Operation Kid-to-Kid program, LifeTree Adventures, Biblica, and Compassion International.

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