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  1. Check out this great
    infant to 2-year-old curriculum, Play-N-Worship
    for Babies

    – from Training Tips for Nursery in Age Level
    Insights 0 – 2
  2. Purity resource for preteens and parents: Family Faith
    Family Faith Celebrations: Commitment to Purity
    – from Emerging Romantic Interests in Age Level
    Insights 10 – 12
  3. Learn more about quality,
    easy-to-use curriculum
    – from Plan B.
  4. Read our Church’s
    Social Story for VBS

    Ministry for All
  5. Here are more details on starting a special needs ministry.
  6. Jesus cut-out
    – from Where’s Jesus? in Easter
  7. Watch a video of “Where’s Jesus” in action.
    – from Where’s Jesus? in Easter

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  8. Watch this video tutorial on how to make Easter lilies.
    – from Easter Lilies in Easter

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