Water Split Game

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Here’s a wet-and-wild challenge all kids will enjoy.

Scripture: Genesis 1:6-7
You’ll Need: Two buckets of water and one large sponge per eight kids. You’ll also need a Bible.

Read aloud the Scripture.

Say: With this game, we’re going to experience a little bit of what it was like when God separated the two waters when he created the world.

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Form teams of eight. Have teams line up with a full bucket of water in front of each line and an empty bucket behind each line.

On “go,” the first person in each line soaks a sponge in the bucket of water. One by one, kids pass the sponge over their heads to the end of the line. The last person in line squeezes out the sponge into the empty bucket, and then kids pass the sponge back up the line to repeat. The goal is for each team to fill its empty bucket.

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