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Walk Through Walls

Wall -goodAt Halloween, all sorts of zombies arise in costume. But we know there's only one true Savior who can raise people from the dead-the greatest Tomb Raider of all: Jesus. Here's an eye-opening game from Group's The Great Tomb Raid fall festival to use. Kids will transform a simple piece of paper into something they can step right through!

Get Ready

You'll need 11x17 sheets of paper (1 per child) and child safety scissors.

Get Set

Show kids the sheet of paper and ask them if they think they could miraculously walk through it. Then show children how to cut the paper so they can walk through it (here are directions), using the steps on the right.

Faith Talk
Read Luke 24:1-9 about a genuine miracle.
Ask: What surprised you about this game? Why do you think the women were so surprised by Jesus' miracle?
To learn more about Group's The Great Tomb Raid fall festival, go to

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