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Volunteers: Teacher Appreciation

Children's Ministry Magazine

October features National Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day and it's a great time to say thank you to your kids' teachers...

To show your children's Sunday school teachers how much you appreciate their weekly commitment of helping your children grow in faith, give one of the following:

  • An inexpensive board game and packages of microwave popcorn for a night of home entertainment.
  • A personal note written on the back of your child's artwork.
  • A bouquet of balloons with a note attached that says, "Our family appreciates you!"
  • A jar with your family's favorite Bible verses written on colorful strips of paper. Place this label on the outside: "A Jar Full of Inspiration."
  • A written prayer that you commit to pray for the teacher throughout the year.
  • Your telephone number -- let the teacher know you're willing to help with classroom extras such as preparing crafts, substituting in your child's class, or purchasing extra supplies.

Please keep in mind that phone numbers, addresses, and prices are subject to change.

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