Video Devotion: Monsters, Inc.


A Bible activity that uses the video Monster’s Inc. and God’s Word to help children overcome fear.


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You’ll need the cued Monsters, Inc. video, a Bible, and this template to make a monster mask.

Have kids color the mask, cut out and eyes and glue them on. Use a Popsicle or craft stick and glue to their mask. Now have them think of something in the world that scares them. Then have them hold the masks up to their faces and have them make a look like they are afraid. 

Say: There are many things in the world that can frighten us. Sometimes they make us so afraid that we’re paralyzed and can’t defeat them. In Monsters, Inc., Boo was afraid of a monster named Randall. Watch this clip to see how she overcomes her fear.

Play the video.

Afterward, ask: What helped Boo overcome her fear of Randall? With her newfound courage, what was she able to accomplish?

Have kids sit in a circle on the floor. Then read aloud Romans 8:31-32; 38-39; and 1 John 4:4. Say: The Bible says that the Spirit of God who lives within each of us is greater than anything in the world. God is completely on our side! Let’s go around the circle and declare that truth. When it’s your turn, say, “God is greater than (and name whatever it is that scares you).”

Allow kids to declare this truth.

Now have kids hold their masks up again. This time, have them make a face like they feel safe and have peace. This face reminds them that God is greater than anything they fear. Close in prayer.

FILM CUES for Monsters, Inc.Start Time: VHS 1:10:39; DVD 1:10:49
Start Cue: “There they are!”
End Time: VHS 1:12:16; DVD 1:12:28
End Cue: “Looks like you’re out of a job.”


Video Devotion: Monsters, Inc.
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