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VBS Programs

It's a jungle out there. Choosing from the plethora of VBS materials can keep you from even getting through the underbrush. So we "beat the bushes" to help you make the best choice.

We reviewed 18 VBS curriculum kits for 1995. And we've chosen the top three VBS curricula-the ones that'll send your kids on an expedition to discover more about Christ and his love. You'll find a comprehensive rating chart for all 18 curricula.
We carefully scrutinized each kit in these 11 categories:

*Director materials-Are there pre-planning tips? teacher-training aids? helpful overviews of each class? Is it well-organized and easy-to-follow?

*Teacher materials-Are they easy to understand? helpful? Are there age-level insights?

*Student materials-Are they age-appropriate? appealing? experiential?

*Publicity helps-Are materials up-to-date and appealing?

*Content-Is it Bible-based? relevant to children? focused on life application?

*Educational philosophy-Is it teacher- or student-focused? Does it use active learning? interactive learning? Does it emphasize intrinsic motivation?

*Teacher aids-Are they creative? helpful?

*Art-Is it up to date? colorful? appealing?

*Crafts-Are they new? creative? neither supply- nor preparation-intensive?

*Theme-Is it child-oriented? captivating for kids? well-executed throughout?

*Reader friendliness-Is it organized? easy to understand?

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