Valentine’s Day: Saint Valentine


If you have snow on the ground on Valentine’s Day, send a very
unique and “cool” valentine. Choose someone you’d like to have
receive a special message. It could be a group such as your church
or school, or an individual.

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Fill a squirt bottle with water and enough red food coloring to
turn the water red. Locate a large area of fresh, untracked snow in
your valentine’s yard. Stomp the outline of a large heart in the
snow, beginning at the bottom point of the heart. Keep your
footprints close together to create a good outline. Finally, squirt
the snow inside the heart with the colored water.

The Roman Emperor Claudius II threw a priest named Valentinus into
prison because of his Christian beliefs. While Valentinus awaited
his execution, Julia-a blind, young jailer’s daughter-visited
Valentinus every day. On the day of his execution, Valentinus
prayed for Julia’s healing. God answered his prayer and
miraculously healed her. In a final

“Valentine’s” note, Valentinus reaffirmed God’s love for Julia
and encouraged her. He was executed February 14, A.D. 270.

After reading this legend to the children, have them work in
groups of four to re-create the note Valentinus may have written to
Julia. When finished, have groups read their notes one at a

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Then give each child an inexpensive flower and a copy of this
legend. Have children make valentine cards, pasting the legends
inside. Encourage each child to give his or her valentine and
flower to someone special.

Using heart-shaped paper, write two different body parts on each
heart-one on one side of the card and one on the other side. Use
body parts such as arm, knee, shoulder, head, foot, hip, elbow, and

Form a circle and place one card in front of each person. Choose
one person to start. This person picks up his or her card and holds
the card between him- or herself and the second person. The key is
that these two people must place the card between the body parts
written on the card. For example, if the body parts listed are head
and elbow, the partners must place the card between one person’s
head and the other person’s elbow.

Without dropping the first card, the second person must pick up
his or her card and do the same thing with the next person.
Continue this pattern until everyone around the circle is


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