Valentine’s Day Object Lesson


This Valentine’s Day Object Lesson comes from Heartbreak to Hope in Children’s Ministry Magazine.

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Use these five experiences to engage kids with God’s grace and care so they’ll never forget his love for them. These are great activities to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

We want kids in our ministries to really experience God’s lavish love. We want them immersed in the truth of his love for them and for all he’s created. And while a lot of that life-changing love is experienced through kids’ relationships with people, you can help them process what it means that God loves them through these five activities and experiences.



Use this object lesson to show kids that nothing can separate us from God’s love.

Supplies: Bible, pitcher of water and an empty pitcher, ½ cup of sand, coffee filters for every few kids, large stirring spoon, and for each child: 1 individual powdered lemonade drink mix packet, 1 bottled water, 1 cup

Say: Let’s talk about how powerful God’s love is. Use the large stirring spoon to mix the sand into the pitcher of water.

Ask: • What will happen if I pour this mixture through a coffee filter?

Have a couple of kids hold a coffee filter over the empty pitcher while you slowly pour the water and sand mixture through the coffee filter.

Say: Explain whether you’ve ever felt like you could be separated from God’s love.

Have kids each put a lemonade packet into a bottle of water, close it, and shake it until the mixture dissolves. While they shake the bottles, read aloud Romans 8:31-39.

Have kids work in small groups to hold coffee filters over their cups as they pour the lemonade mixture through the filter.

Let kids drink the lemonade as they discuss the difference between the two experiments.

Ask: • Which experiment was more like God’s love for you? Pause. You can never be separated from God’s love.What difference can that make for you? Say: God’s love is so powerful; nothing can separate us from it.

Roseville, Michigan

Preschool Twist ♥
Have an adult volunteer help you with filtering while children watch. Ahead of time, make lemonade for everyone, and instead of one bottle per child, use only one bottle for the lemonade demonstration. Let children pass around the bottle and shake it; then read aloud only Romans 8:35, 37-38. Relate separation from God to feeling close or not feeling close to someone you know really well. Tell kids that nothing can keep us from being close to God and his love for us.

Form two teams. Provide a clear container filled with water for each team—you’ll want the containers to be large enough so kids can see them from a distance. Give one team the sand and the other enough lemonade mixture to make lemonade for everyone. Choose a few kids from each team. Give both teams two minutes to stir as hard as they can while teammates cheer them on. After both mixtures are filtered, follow up with Romans 8:31-39 and the discussion questions.

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Thanks for checking out this special sneak peek of a featured article in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Children’s Ministry Magazine.

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Valentine’s Day Object Lesson
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