Valentine’s Day Love: Preschool to Kindergarten


Seasonal Lessons

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1. Patience, Patience-Before class, decorate a
bag with hearts and write the word “patience” on it. Place a
heart-shaped box of candy in the bag with the words “Love is
patient and kind” written on it.

When children arrive, show them the bag.

*Say: I have a special treat for you, but we’ll need to
wait to share it.

Throughout your time together, remind them of the special treat
and that they’ll need to be patient.

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2. Patient, Patient-Form two groups. Ask one
group to sit in a circle. Give the other group ambulance drivers’
hats. Use a strip of white paper stapled together to form a circle
with a red cross colored on the front. Explain to the ambulance
drivers that they’ll be caring for the children who fall down in a
game. Ambulance drivers need to help kids up and give them a

Have the group in the circle play Ring Around the Rosie. When
they “all fall down,” have children make ambulance sounds and pick
up all the wounded. Have children switch places and play again.

Afterward, *ask: How did it feel when you fell and
someone helped you up and hugged you? Did you need to be patient
and wait for the ambulance team? What does it feel like when you
fall and no one picks you up?

Read aloud the first part of 1 Corinthians 13:4.

*Ask: Who are the people who show you God’s love by
being patient with you? If someone is patient with you, does that
make you feel loved? Why or why not? Is there anyone you need to be
patient with?

3. Heart to Heart-You’ll need two construction
paper hearts and several white paper hearts for each child. You’ll
also need yarn, crayons, and a sticker of Jesus for each child.

Have children draw pictures of people who love them on separate
white hearts. Encourage children to remember their parents, family,
teachers, and pastor. Help children place their white hearts
between their red hearts and punch two holes through the top of the
hearts. Thread yarn through the holes and tie a bow. Have children
put their Jesus stickers on the front cover to remind them that
Jesus loves them too.

4. Worth Waiting-Open the “patience” bag and
pass out the candy. *Ask: Was it hard to wait for this
candy? Why or why not? What does it feel like to wait? How can we
show love to others by being patient when they take a long time
with something we want? when they don’t seem to learn as fast as we
do? when they won’t give us what we want right now?

5. Snack-You’ll need: A prepared cake mix and
strawberry preserves. Spoon cake batter into muffin cups, filling
each half full. Spoon 1 teaspoon of preserves into the center of
each cupcake. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 25 minutes. Dust each
cupcake with powdered sugar. Makes 12.

Have children each use frosting in a tube to put a cross on
their cupcake. Remind children as they enjoy their snack that we
can only love people the way God wants when Christ is hidden in our
hearts-like the preserves are hidden in their cupcakes.

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