Valentine’s Day Lesson: Pre to K



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1. Warm Fuzzies-(Supplies: A teddy bear.) Form
a circle and put the teddy bear in the center.

*Ask: Do you have a favorite stuffed animal? Why do you
like it?

Give the bear to a child. Ask that child to tell one thing their
parent does that shows them they’re loved. For example, a child
might say, “My dad hugs me.” Have the child pass the bear to the
next child in the circle for the same purpose.

After children have shared, *say: God loves you. God
loves you more than we love our teddy bears. God’s love is warm and
fuzzy and makes us feel good.

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2. God’s Love-(Supplies: Bible.) Sit in a chair
several feet from the children. Hug and talk to the teddy bear.
Tell the children they have to watch; they can’t come near you.
Tell the teddy bear how much you love it.

One at a time, have children sit on your lap. The other children
must stay back until their names are called. As a child sits on
your lap, give him or her a hug with the teddy bear. Then ask that
child to sit at your feet. When all the children are sitting by
you, read aloud Mark 10:13-16.

*Ask: What was I doing when you had to stay away from
me? Did you like having to stay away? How did you feel when you got
to sit on my lap with the teddy bear?

*Say: One day, some children wanted to see Jesus. But
Jesus’ disciples wanted the children to stay away. Jesus told the
children to sit on his lap so he could hug them. Jesus loves

3. Hug Book-(Supplies: Crayons, 3X5 cards, and
a stapler.)

*Say: Valentine’s Day is a great time to tell people
how much you love them. We’re going to make Hug Books for our

Give each child 10 3X5 cards. Have kids color pictures on their
cards. Help kids pile the 10 cards on top of each other and staple
them together like a book.

*Say: You listened to the story about Jesus hugging the
children. Jesus likes it when we show our parents how much we love
them. Hugs are a great way to do that. Give your mom and dad their
Hug Book on Valentine’s Day.

Tell kids to tear off a page and give it to you. Then give them
each a big hug. Send home instruction sheets to explain that
parents need to give a hug in exchange for each page.

Close in a prayer of thanks for kids’ parents.


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