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Valentine's Day Ideas

Help your preschoolers make these cool Valentine's Day gifts!

For each Valentine ornament, you'll need an 8-inch red heart and a 4-inch white heart cut from card stock; two 5-inch pieces of yarn; tacky glue; various color markers; trim such as sequins, buttons, or rickrack; and a child's photo.

Several weeks before making this Valentine's craft, photograph each preschool child.

Trim each child's photo into a 2-inch heart shape. Using a hole punch, make a hole in the top and bottom of each red heart, and in the top only of each white heart. Glue a child's photo in the center of each white heart.

During class give each child a large red heart and write the words "I love you" on it.

Write the child's name on the back of his or her heart. Have children decorate their red hearts using markers and trim.

After class attach each child's picture to the bottom of his or her red heart by tying a piece of yarn through the red heart's bottom hole and the white heart's hole.

Then make a hanger by tying a yarn loop through the red heart's top hole.

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