How to Use a Kendama in KidMin


[corner-ad id=1]What’s a Double Wood Catch-It Kit (by the way…it’s on-sale right now for nearly 50% off!)? Some people may know better as a Kendama. It’s a trend that’s growing in popularity, and one your older kids may already be into. Each kit comes with 12 sturdy wooden Catch-Its, paint, brushes, paint pans, and a protective plastic tablecloth.

We encourage kids to use sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges and then paint and decorate it any way they like. After it has time to dry, it’s time to play.

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According to Kendama USA, the game strengthens hand-eye coordination, balance, and reflex.

“The Kendama tricks are done by variations of juggling the ball in the 3 cups, spiking the ball with the Ken spike, and balancing both in new creative ways,” according to “Mastering the Kendama takes practice, focus, patience, and creativity.”

If you do this craft with your kids, I would suggest going to YouTube and searching for Kendama. There are a number of videos out there to show you how to do some of the simpler tricks. And you will want to practice to impress the kids as well!

I love this gizmo because it’s a multi-tasker. It can be used as an example in many different situations.

  • Just getting started and practicing to get better can connect to how we grow in our faith.
  • The ball being attached to the handle can connect to how God is always with us.
  • How is following the instructions to pull off a hard trick like or unlike following God’s instructions for us?
  • Hold the ball and balance the handle on top of it (this trick is called the lighthouse). What is it like trying to balance things in our lives?
  • Wrap the string around the handle. Does it make it easier or harder? What makes following God easier or harder for you?

What other connections can you make with the Double Wood Catch-It? Share with us using the comment section below!

How to Use a Kendama in KidMin
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