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Uniquely Made

UniqueUse this devotion to help kids appreciate each person's God-given uniqueness.

You'll need crayons, scissors, clear adhesive tape, a Bible, and copies of the unique person template (click here for template.)

First ask kids what makes them unique from others in the group and what characteristics make them similar. Then give kids each a copy of the template, and tell them to create a unique person by filling in details such as hair, facial expressions, and clothing. Encourage them to color every part of the template. Then have kids each cut their person into three sections along the dotted lines. Collect the pieces and redistribute them so each child gets three different body sections. Have kids use tape to create their new people.

Afterward ask: Describe what's unique about your new paper "friend." Why is it easy to make assumptions about someone based on outward appearance? What's something no one would imagine about you, based on how you might look on the outside?

Say: Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that people wouldn't judge one another based on how they look on the outside. His dream is similar to how God sees us because he designed each of us uniquely. Read aloud Psalm 139:14.

Say: God wants us to celebrate and appreciate our uniqueness. Place your paper friend somewhere at home to remind you of the unique and wonderful qualities God has given to each of us.

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