Unhappy Mother’s Day?


So we listen to country music on the way to school and I got sucked into some of the "talk radio" stuff about Mother's Day. "What does Mom want?" the djs asked. People called in with all of their horror stories of how someone gave them the wrong thing. Then they called in with ideas for what "every" mom wants–time alone, a mani/pedi, gifts, flowers, a card, time with kids, a personal note. Everyone disagreed.

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And I'm sitting there thinking (of course, I would never call in), but I'm thinking it's all about Mom's love language. I mean, who hasn't read "The Five Love Languages"? Not every mom wants the same thing. It's not a one-size-fits-all holiday–that's more like a mu-mu, yuk! The best advice is to find out from Mom what her love language is: gifts, quaility time, touch, words of appreciation, or acts of service. Then give her what'll speak her language.

I do have to say, though, that the one idea that caught my heart was that the kids always write a letter to Mom, telling her what she means to them. So I shared that with my kids. (Guess that shows my love lanugage is 'words of appreciation', huh?)

Anyway, whatever you do for Moms in your children's ministry this weekend, make it personal and heartfelt! And Happy Mother's Day to you if you're fortunate enough to be a Mom!

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