Try a Triptych


You’ll Need

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1. Foam core
2. Hole punch
3. Chenille wires
(on-hand supplies: scissors and markers)

A triptych is a threepaneled piece of art-the style has been used
for centuries by religious painters. The three panels are hinged
together, with the middle being the largest.

What Kids Do

Step 1
Cut two equal-sized panels of foam core, and then cut one panel in
half. The large piece is the center panel and the two smaller
pieces go on either side.

Step 2

Identify three parts of the Christmas scene to illustrate on the
triptych. Draw a different picture on each panel. For example, Mary
and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem on the left panel; the baby
Jesus in the stable with Mary, Joseph, and the animals on the
middle panel; and the shepherds’ visit on the right panel.

Step 3
Set up the three panels. Then punch holes in the inside edges of
each panel. Use chenille wires to connect them so they’re hinged.
Once kids finish their drawings, ask them to each describe
their triptych. If you have room, put the triptychs on display so
you can enjoy these creative masterpieces in the weeks to come.

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