Travel Time



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Help toddlers find God by taking them on an imaginary journey
around your classroom or outside.

Stretch out your arms and pretend you’re flying. Carry
children who can’t walk yet. Say: In an airplane, way up high;
what did God make in the sky?
Help children think of ideas
such as clouds, the sun and stars.

Form a line, with kids holding shoulders, train-style. Walk and
say: Chug-a-choo-choo, I’m on a train with you! Look out the
window; what did God make?
Help children think of things they
might see from a train, such as farms, trees, or water.

Sit on the floor or grass and row. Say: Row, row, the boat we
row, look down at the water below! Lots of things are in the big
blue sea; what did God make that you can see?
Help children
think of things in the water, such as fish, turtles, or frogs.

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Ali Thompson
Loveland, Colorado

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