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Trash to Treasure


Best for ages 3 to 7

You'll need a Bible, paper towel tubes, markers, duct tape, and bottle caps or soda can tabs

Read aloud 2 Corinthians 5:15-17.

Give each child a paper towel tube and a few bottle caps or soda can tabs. Say: Your supplies are things that normally get thrown away. But we're going to make something out of them to remember how God turns bad to good in us. Have kids use markers to decorate their tubes. Seal one end with duct tape; then have kids put their bottle caps and soda can tabs inside. Tape the other end securely. Have kids shake their instruments as you say: When we feel all used up, like garbage, we can remember that God renews our spirits. This year, when you're in a bad mood, shake your instrument and remember that God is renewing you into a treasure.

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