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Transitions in Ministry

The New Small

Recently, Melissa Wire experienced staff downsizing at her church in Grandville, Michigan. She is now one of three full-time staff on the children's ministry team, down from a team of seven full- and part-time members.

"Transition" is a loaded word, but in a positive way, as it pushes us to move forward. Moving forward for me has meant looking at this transition in three ways.

First, transition has compelled me to trust God in the present moment. I'm learning not to live in the past nor worry about the future. Instead, I'm learning to trust God to provide daily.

Second, I decided to find a mentor who could relate to what I'm going through. She's experienced in ministry and is outside our organization, so I can share freely with her. As I've connected with her, she's encouraged me, listened to me, prayed for me, and pointed me toward resources that help me keep up with what I need to accomplish in my role.

Third, transition means revisiting my role on our team, recognizing that I hold new responsibilities, and realizing that I'm called to interact with my team in more intentional ways than before. Our new team is smaller, but God will still provide. I want to focus on being an encouragement to our team to serve each other and trust God more.

Change can be difficult, but it has also brought new opportunities to learn about myself, learn from others, and collaborate in new ways. There are parts about what we've experienced that are difficult and sad, but I find hope in seeing God work through these opportunities to help me grow in him.

Melissa Wire is on the KidMin 2012 Inside Track Team.

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