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Transitions in Ministry

From Here to There

After serving as minister of children at Belle Aire Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Danielle Bell transitioned to her new role as minister of children at Dawson Memorial Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama.

Recently, I left a ministry I'd been a part of for 15 years to follow God's call to another church. It's been a new, exciting, bittersweet journey. I'm learning some very important lessons in my season of change.

I have to say, it's easier to stay. Transition is tough. Letting go of what I know, saying goodbye, and grasping all the elements of a new ministry is challenging. Staying would've been safer, but God said, "Go. New adventures await."

My way isn't always best. Having grown complacent in what I knew, unfamiliar territory reminds me that there's more than one way to do ministry. Feeling more clueless than confident these days stretches me to see ministry with a new perspective.

It's not all about me. One of the weirdest feelings I'm experiencing is standing in a crowd of children and volunteers with whom I have no relationship or history. I cherish genuinely connecting with those I serve alongside, but I know that'll take time. While I'm standing on the sidelines, humility crushes my pride and I sense a gentle reminder that none of this is really about me.

Transition takes time. Change simply can't happen overnight, and in a new season, progress takes much longer. I'm learning to lead more effectively and in ways I hadn't needed to before, so I must prioritize my goals and practice patience. I keep telling myself, "one day at a time."

Experience isn't everything. My past years in ministry and leadership can serve as great guide rails-but the truth is, nothing replaces reliance on God as my daily guide.

Danielle Bell is a KidMin 2012 speaker and leads the Inside Track Team

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