Top 3 Stories About Christmas


While they’re no substitute for opening up the Bible and reading, the top 3 stories about Christmas can help your kids discover what Christmas is all about in different ways.

Christmastime seems to bring some of my favorite traditions…like taking the kids out for a bonfire night where we roast hotdogs and later go on a hayride as we read from the Bible about Jesus’ birth.

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Despite the many different traditions, I know the message of Jesus’ love is the point. Today, I’d like to share with you some fun stories to help you tell kids about Jesus in a fun way.


1. Christmas Candy Cane Story This is one I heard growing up and loved. And it seems to be one of your favorites, too, because it’s one of the most-viewed pages on the Children’s Ministry Magazine website. This version, sent in by Vivian Jones from San Jose, California, tells of a legend of the candy cane, and how the sweet snack can remind us of Jesus. Just don’t take the story literally. As one commenter points out, it’s just a fun tall tale.

2. La Posada: A Christmas Skit La Posada is an honored and traditional Mexican drama done at Christmastime. If you are looking for something that incorporates the Bible more directly, do this drama with your kids to tell the Christmas story. Using Luke 2:7 as the basis, this quick and simple drama is a fun and exciting way to tell kids about what happened that first Christmas night.

3. A Star is Born Go on a field trip to Bethlehem! Retell what happened on the first Christmas by planning a “Walk to Bethlehem” for your kids. Map out a walk through your church grounds or building, placing signs along the way to help retell the events. As you walk, talk about the sounds Mary and Joseph may’ve heard, how tired they might’ve been from walking, where they might’ve stopped to find water for the donkey, and so on. Plan your walk so you’ll reach Bethlehem when you return to your room.

Cut five identical triangle shapes that are large enough to write on. On each shape, write a Bible verse reference to the first Christmas. Verses to use might include: Luke 1:28; Luke 2:1; Luke 2:7; Luke 2:9-10; and Luke 2:15. Use each triangle to tell that portion of the miracle of Jesus’ birth along your walk to Bethlehem. Attach the triangles together to form a star.

What kind of Christmas traditions do you have? Let us know in the comment section below!

Top 3 Stories About Christmas
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