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Too Close for Comfort

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Challenge your preteens to think with this boundary-testing experience.

You'll need hula hoops, copies of a brainteaser (for a brainteaser, go to, a bag of candy, a timer, and a Bible.

Place several hula hoops on the floor. Pack as many kids as possible inside each hoop and remove extra hoops. Have groups raise the hula hoops to waist level.

Say: I'll give you one minute to solve this brainteaser with your team. The team to answer correctly first gets the candy.

Give groups a copy of the brainteaser, and begin timing. When time's up, ask: How easy or difficult was it to solve the brainteaser? Explain. Could you think clearly to solve the problem while being so close together? Why or why not? How did you feel during this experience? Explain. How was this experience like or unlike a time you felt uncomfortable recently? What did you do?

Read aloud John 14:1-4. Say: Whenever we feel uncomfortable, Jesus tells us to seek comfort in him. There are times when we feel physically or mentally uncomfortable. During those times, remember Jesus' words to us.

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