To Tell The Truth

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For President’s Day, help children learn not to hide the

Give each child a sheet of white paper. Have children take
turns using lemon juice from a plastic, squeeze-style lemon to
write a word on their paper.

After the word dries, have children each show their paper to at
least three other people. See who can guess the hidden words.

Then have children hold up their papers to a turned-on light
bulb without touching the bulb. The light will activate the carbon
in the lemon juice, and the word will appear.

*Ask: How easy was it to discover the hidden words? How
did you feel when you saw your word suddenly appear?

Read aloud Luke 8:17.

*Ask: Have you ever tried to hide something to stay out of
trouble? Tell about your experience. What are other reasons people
hide the truth? Is hiding the truth the same as lying? Why or why

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What does this Scripture say is going to happen to the things
that people have hidden? 

Tell the story about George Washington
and the cherry tree. When George’s father confronted him after he
cut down a cherry tree, young George said, “I cannot tell a lie”
and confessed to his misbehavior.

*Ask: Do you think God was pleased with George
Washington? Why or why not? What can you do the next time you’re
tempted to hide the truth?

By Greg and Monica Rosa

Indianapolis, Indiana


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