Times Two


“If a soldier demands that you carry his gear for a mile, carry
it two miles” (Matthew 5:41).

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Israel was under Roman rule when Jesus spoke these words. He told
his followers to do far more than required. Today Jesus challenges
us to serve families in ways far beyond what’s expected–we need to
“times two” our service! This truth can translate right into your
family ministry.

• Seek Opportunities. Look for ways to serve families “times two.”
Some ideas you can plan–such as designating special up-close
parking for expectant moms. Other opportunities may just pop
up–helping a dad to his car with four kids in tow. Watch his
grateful expression as you buckle car seats and provide crackers
for the ride home.

• Train Your Team. Teach your volunteers to reach out with
times-two service by making it a core value of your ministry.
Emphasize the importance of exceeding families’
expectations–always. At team meetings, allow time for volunteers
to share their times-two experiences.

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• Make a Difference. Can you imagine the look on a Roman soldier’s
face when someone said he wanted to carry that heavy gear an extra
mile? You’ll get similar responses when you times two your service.
Last summer a girl who went to camp didn’t have fun due to a
misunderstanding with a counselor. We decided to times two and took
a cookie bouquet to her home. We sat and worked through the issue
with her and her parents. The look on their faces when we left was
obvious–God used this times-two service to minister to this

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• Create Lasting Impressions. At a recent hotel stay, the manager
handed me a fresh baked cookie at check in, but he didn’t stop
there–he times two-ed his hospitality. He also handed me a
handwritten, personal note thanking me for my stay. Wow! I won’t
forget his gesture, and you can bet I’ll stay at that hotel in the
future. What lasting impressions does your church leave with

When you times two your service to families, they won’t forget it.
In fact, it may affect the number of families you minister to each
week–times two–and that’s a double blessing for your

Dale Hudson is the children’s pastor at
Central Christian Church in Las Vegas, Nevada, and contributing
author to
Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century





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