The Red Vase


(You’ll need a medium canvas — the more dramatic the better. If you don’t have a canvas, use a large sheet of paper. Use the art materials that work best with the surface you have.)

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Say: I’d like to tell you a story…(Paint the background yellow.)

It’s about a young man who had cancer. (Paint the left-hand curve of the vase in red.) While in counseling, he drew what his own body felt like. (Paint the right-hand curve of the vase in red. Fill in the vase with the red.)

He drew a vase with a deep black crack passing through it. (Paint a black crack down the center of the vase.)

Then later when he was better, (Paint yellow light streaming from the crack in all directions as you continue to speak.) he drew bright yellow light outside the vase coming through the crack. He said it’s in the broken place that God’s light can shine into the vase.

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Because “Our hearts can grow strong at the broken places.”

And the grace and love of Christ can shine through us in our broken places to create a sculpture of beauty from our lives.

Use this in conjunction with the  Celebration Place Kit!

Say: Tonight you’ll experience Jesus for yourself. Our leaders are here tonight to guide you through three prayer stations. Please experience these stations without speaking. Listen to what God is saying to you as you move from place to place. It doesn’t matter which order you go to the stations.

The Back-to-School Angel

As you do this, please be respectful of the people around you. You may finish before others. If so, just wait quietly for others to finish.


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