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The Lord Is My Shepherd

1st Stop Discovery (10 minutes)


In this experience, kids will discover that God has a plan for their lives, just as he did for David.

Items to Pack: Bible, white paper, white or light-colored crayons, dark crayons, and paper clips.

Gather kids and say: Let's look at Psalm 23 and find out more about how . God loves and watches over us. A man named David wrote the 23rd Psalm. David was an important person in the Bible. He was even a relative of Jesus--he lived many years before Jesus, of course. But David didn't start out so important. He started out as a simple shepherd boy, and he ended up being king!

None of the good things in David's life would've happened without God's love and care. It's the same way with us.

•God loves and watches over us throughout our entire lives.

Right now, you're still young. But God has big plans for your life. The Bible says so. Listen to what the Bible says.

Read aloud Jeremiah 29:11. Now think of a dream or hope you have for your life. While you're thinking, I'll pass out supplies.

Give each person a sheet of white paper, a white or light-colored crayon, a dark crayon, and a paper clip.

Say: Use your light-colored crayon to write a word or draw a picture that shows something good you hope for in your life. Maybe someday you'd like to be a great athlete, a person who works with animals, someone who teaches children, or someone who tells others about God's Word. Or maybe there's something you're hoping for right now, like doing better in school!

Give kids time to write or draw. When everyone has finished, say: Now use your dark-colored crayon to color over all of what you just wrote or drew. (You may need to reassure younger kids that their drawings won't be lost-that they'll reappear in a cool way.)

As kids color, say: Sometimes we face worries and think God isn't caring for us. David wrote some psalms that asked God to hurry up and protect him or that asked God not to forget him. But God never forgot David, and he never forgets us. God is always watching out for us.

•God loves and watches over us-even when we can't quite see it. I'll show you what I mean.

Show kids how to use the edge of a paper clip to scratch away the dark crayon coloring on their paper. What they wrote or drew with the light-colored crayon will reappear.

Say: Look! Your hope for something good is still there, even when you couldn't see it.

Ask: • How is the dark coloring like our problems or worries?

• What can we do to help us remember that, no matter what's going on in our lives, God's still watching over us?

Say: God's love and care are always with us. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own problems or worries that we don't see God. But •God loves and watches over us in every situation, just as he did for David. Let's find out more about this guy who wrote the 23rd Psalm.

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